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Kings Links: Training Camp Updates, Stern on Sacramento

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The Purple Panjandrum - Training camp update: Day 3
Ham with an update from the practice facility. Paul Westphal talks about the line-up, Pooh Jeter and Jason Thompson's great fitness, and DeMarcus Cousins on the glass.

Video: Paul Westphal at Kings Training Camp Day 3
The video version, though some items were cut out of this edit.

Sacramento Bee - Ailene Voisin: Capital idea needed for new Kings arena
Ms. Voisin speaks to David Stern about the NBA's role in Sacramento arena talks going forward.

Sacramento Press - Railyards auction date set
Speaking of which, the Railyards property might make it to auction after being foreclosed on.

VSP Blog - Tyreke Jersey Giveaway
VSP is giving away a signed Tyreke Evans jersey. Details on their blog.

SLC Dunk - Quality vs. Attendance
Amar at SLC Dunk looks at team attendance in comparison with team quality over the last decade, and has some kind words for Sacramento.