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Kings Links: George Maloof DUI, Sacramento Bee Changes, Warriors-Kings Reaction

New, comments - George Maloof Busted for DUI
George is the third Maloof brother, not nearly as visible in Sacramento as Gavin and Joe, but still decently active behind-the-scenes. It was George who recently visited Seattle to investigate the causes of their arena problems (or so they say).

Sacramento Business Journal - Sacramento Bee lays off sports editor
Bill Bradley is beginning his final week as the sports editor of The Bee. Shocking stat from the Biz Journal's story: in 1999, when Bradley arrived in Sacramento, The Bee had 15 reporters and columnists in the sports department. There are now five reporters and one columnist. Ugh.

The Works - Cousins Unfiltered
Shoals on DeMarcus Cousins' comments on Derrick Favors.

Marty Mac's World - Kings need to make defense a priority

Full Court Press - Kings Rookie Finds a Mentor
Pooh Jeter has been getting an education from Bobby Jackson, a player he modeled himself after. 

Sacramento Bee - Cousins learning NBA ropes in exhibitions

More Warriors-Kings content after the jump.

Sacramento Bee - Kings notes: Carl Landry (eye) a lineup scratch

Kings Blog and Q&A - Gameday blog: Kings at Warriors

Steinmetz - Warriors Preseason Player Analysis -- Game 2

Full Court Press - Postgame Recap: Kings @ Warriors

Full Court Press - Postgame Quotes: Kings @ Warriors - Warriors-Kings Game Recap - 10/10/10

Inside Bay Area - David Lee proving he's worth money to Warriors


NBA FanHouse - Barcelona's Pete Mickeal Isn't Letting Exhibition Win Over Lakers Be Forgotten
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new official StR player of Europe, Pete Mickeal! - Dream Week
To celebrate the launch of the new FreeDarko book (Oct. 26), the site has been running some fantastic essays on the Hakeem-era Rockets. Every single one is a treasure.