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Carl Landry Takes Out a Laker Girl

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... and not for a nice dinner.


Kelly Dwyer of BDL points out that it's dangerous to have so many unprotected people so close to the court with so many massive bodies flying around. I, for one, always cringe when players go leaping/stepping into/over rows of fans. Despite my team allegiances, I cringed on this one.

And on that note: what the efe are you doing, Matt Barnes? I know the Lakers and Kings go hard, even in the preseason; I remember Rick Fox getting taught a lesson by Doug Christie's fist and Shaq being assaulted by Jackie Christie's designer handbag. But seriously? Throwing a tied-up opponent out of bounds? Screw you, buddy.

(Wow, it took exactly one game as a Laker to tick off Kings fans. One game.)