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The Newly Watchable Sacramento Kings

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Not everyone in basketballdom agrees that the Kings will be good this season. Most expect modest improvements of 3-10 added win; some think the team will flirt with .500 or even the final Western playoff spot. That's a fairly wide range, and it's just full of uncertainty.

Despite that, it seems nearly everyone agrees that the Kings will be fun to watch. The Kings. Fun. Imagine that.

Mike Prada of released his 2010-11 Watchability Scale today, and the Kings placed 9th. Here is what Prada had to say:

What I do know is that Tyreke Evans is poised to take a massive jump, depending on how well his jumper is progressing (current prognosis: work in progress). I also know that watching DeMarcus Cousins is going to be so much fun. It's been a long time since we've seen a big man so fiery and willing to speak his mind.

Prada goes onto to show an example (the Derrick Favors smackdown) of why Cousins will be fun for viewers. Many Kings fans feel the same way; even as Brandon Jennings ripped the heart out of Ricky Rubio's chest here in Sacramento before the 2009 draft, a subsection of fans seemed to really appreciate the swagger, the mouth on that kid. Cousins is pretty similar in that regard. If you thought Jennings was a breath of fresh air, you'd probably consider Cousins a breath of fresh air. If you considered Jennings a punk, you probably ought to consider Cousins a punk.

It's a question of degree and timing for Cousins -- how mad will he get, and when? Will he be ejected from games or practices? Will he cost the team a critical point with a crunch time tech? Will it happen every third week, or once in a blue moon? As a general NBA fan, you don't care. That Rasheedian spontaneity is gold. But for Kings fans, we'd prefer it be kept to a minimum. It comes down to manageability -- can DeMarcus and the team manage it well?

Thankfully, while perhaps Kings fans aren't unanimously looking forward to DMC's attutide in all its glory, there's plenty more watchable about this team, starting with No. 13 to extending all the freaking way around the roster. Evans alone makes for compelling game action; with Cousins (a force of nature), that's boosted. (That's what much of what Prada writes it pointed towards, that DMC looks to be a beast with swagger, unfortunately rare in today's NBA.) There's still Omri Casspi and Donte Greene, and explosive scorers like Carl Landry. This is a whole mix of compelling players, and while success is the first priority of just about every Kings fan, fun is high up there. We're in for a fun season, and it seems the rest of the nation agrees.