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Taking a Look at Advanced Statistics from Preseason

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With the help of and my advanced statistics calculator, I decided to take a look at some of the advanced statistics of the Kings from preseason.  Note: Due to the already small sample size of preseason, I only focused on the players that played six or seven games.  Also, do remember that this is a combination of small sample size and preseason, so take some of them with a grain of salt.

Alright let's take a look at the stats after the jump.  I only focused on stats that matter for certain players, like Assist Rate for the guards, and rebound rate for the bigs, etc.  If you're interested in finding out the other stats, use the calculator above with the stats from DougStats.

True Shooting % (Measure's shot efficiency, taking into account FG%, FT%, and 3P%)

  1. Luther Head - 60.2%
  2. Darnell Jackson - 56.4%
  3. Carl Landry - 55.7%
  4. Omri Casspi - 50.4%
  5. Tyreke Evans - 49.7%
  6. DeMarcus Cousins - 49.5%
  7. Jason Thompson - 46.1%
  8. Donté Greene - 42.7%
  9. Pooh Jeter - 42.7%
Only Luther Head, Darnell Jackson, and Carl Landry managed to be efficient in their shot selection, while JT, Donté, and Pooh were in what we like to call the atrocious range.  Everyone on this list except Head and the rookies (who have no data) shot more efficiently last year, so hopefully we can attribute some of this to preseason rust.  

Assist Rate (Measure's the percentage of team field goals a player assisted while he was on the court)
  1. Tyreke Evans - 37.4%
  2. Luther Head - 20.7%
  3. Pooh Jeter - 18.0%
  4. Omri Casspi - 15.8%
Tyreke's assist rate is more than 11% higher than it was all of last season.  This is in line with a Russell Westbrook type improvement as a distributor, to which I would be thrilled with if he can keep it up.  Omri is also distributing the ball rather well from the forward position, and this should go well with his role off the bench.  Head is almost never going to be the primary ball handler, but he looks capable of running the point at times.  The biggest disappointment to me is Jeter, who should be finding his teammates much more. 

Offensive Rebound Rate (Percentage of Offensive Rebounds a player grabs while on the floor)
  1. Jason Thompson - 14.3%
  2. DeMarcus Cousins - 13.2%
  3. Carl Landry - 5.9%
JT and DeMarcus are both beasts on the Offensive glass.  Carl is a bit low compared to his career averages.

Defensive Rebound Rate (Percentage of Defensive Rebounds a player grabs while on the floor)
  1. Omri Casspi - 26.3%
  2. Jason Thompson - 21.5%
  3. Darnell Jackson - 20.8%
  4. DeMarcus Cousins - 20.6%
  5. Donté Greene - 16.9%
  6. Carl Landry - 11.7%
First off, holy crap Omri.  He's grabbing defensive rebounds at a rate that would have put him 10th in the league last year, ahead of guys like Al Jefferson, Chris Bosh, and Gerald Wallace to name a few.  JT, Darnell and DeMarcus are all where you want them to be on the boards, although you sort of expect DeMarcus to be in the range Omri is, and he was even better than that in the first 4 games, before apparent fatigue set in.  Donté's number also supports what my brain told me, that he was going after boards more.  That rate is about the rate Omri rebounded last year, which would be perfect for Donté if he could keep it up.  But Carl is just doing horribly on the boards.  He can't keep rebounding like this and stay in the starting lineup in my opinion.

Turnover Rate (Estimate of how many Turnovers per 100 possessions)
  1. Jason Thompson - 19.5%
  2. Tyreke Evans - 18.0%
  3. DeMarcus Cousins - 17.2%
  4. Pooh Jeter - 14.6%
  5. Omri Casspi - 10.1%
  6. Luther Head - 7.4%
JT, Tyreke, and DeMarcus were all incredibly turnover prone this offseason.  Tyreke seemed to struggle at times getting used to the pressure teams applied, JT's inner Mikki came out, and DeMarcus made a LOT of dumb rookie mistakes, particularly dragging his feet on pump fakes.  Jeter wasn't as "mistake free" as advertised.  Omri and Luther however both did a great job at not turning it over for how often they were distributing.  Just based off these statistics, I'd have Luther be that third guard off the bench instead of Jeter, and Omri's advanced stats look eerily similar to Lamar Odom's.

Usage Rate (Estimate of how many possessions used by a player)
  1. DeMarcus Cousins - 29.1%
  2. Tyreke Evans - 28.3%
  3. Jason Thompson - 20.4%
  4. Carl Landry - 19.1%
  5. Donte Greene - 18.6%
  6. Omri Casspi - 17.6%
  7. Pooh Jeter - 16.4%
  8. Luther Head - 15.8%
  9. Darnell Jackson - 14.0%
DeMarcus uses up a lot of possessions, and that's a bit troubling right now, because he's pretty inefficient.  He tends to keep trying to score even when he's having an off night, and he needs to learn to utilize his excellent passing skills more often, to move the ball around.  Tyreke also uses a lot of possessions, but that's understandable.  The rest of the team defers a bit to those main guys, but its amazing how much Omri is able to do when he doesn't have the ball.

Well there are the stats, and hopefully some of them carry over to the real season, while other don't.  Now do me proud and make a bigger deal out of these than is humanly possible, because tomorrow the season starts!