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Here We Stay

Here We Stay
Here We Stay

Here We Stay is a local movement dedicated to helping the elected officials of the Sacramento area, the NBA and the Sacramento Kings get a new sports and entertainment facility built here in Sacramento.

We believe the economic and social benefits that a new sports and entertainment facility would bring the city of Sacramento and the entire region overwhelmingly provides enough incentive to make every effort now to get this done.

This is not a campaign to assign blame, nor a reactionary group. Here We Stay is a team of residents and fans intent on keeping a valued franchise in the area and highlighting the benefit a new facility would have on luring top musicians, popular entertainment acts and high-profile sporting events to the region.

As an advocate on behalf of Here We Stay I urge you to copy and send the below email or one written yourself to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, the city council, county board of supervisors and the Maloofs. (Emails below the jump.) Together, we can make a difference.

You can keep updated on progress on a new facility through Here We Stay's Facebook page and Twitter feed.


Subject: I Support a New Arena

To Whom It May Concern:

As a proud resident of the Sacramento area, I, along with the other members of the Here We Stay movement, offer my support to any measure that you take to build a new sports and entertainment facility for the Sacramento Kings in the Sacramento region. I believe a solution can be found and am willing to back Mayor Kevin Johnson and any other local leaders with any proposal that helps make this a reality.


Here We Stay

For your convenience, here's a list of emails you can send the letter to:

To email the mayor, use this form:

In this thread, feel free to make suggestions as to how Here We Stay can help work to facilitate the construction of a new arena in the Sacramento area.