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Game Thread: Kings at Wolves

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Kings at Wolves. Game 1. Let's go!

A few reminders about Game Threads:

1. No images or GIFs, please. These threads get packed, and image loads slow things way down.

2. Don't feed the trolls. In other words, if a fan of the opposing team comes along and acts the fool, flag the comment (there's a button for that) and ignore him. If you reply, you encourage the behavior.

3. We appreciate that some out-of-market fans don't have NBA League Pass Broadband and would like alternative free sources for the game. We do not support those sources, and ask that you limit discussion of them in our threads.

4. A second Game Thread will open 1 hour and 15 minutes after the first; typically, you can move over at halftime.

5. Have fun!


Second thread at 6:15.