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How I Watch the Kings

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Note: this is a sponsored post, as the little bar above this should indicate. rbiegler has run out of porridge; I hope you'll understand.

I watched Kings basketball in the '90s. It was not particularly easy, especially as a teenager without money, without wheels, and without anyone to take me to games. Also, there was homework. And occasionally, a social life. And of course, not every game was televised. To see that Channel 31-Kings logo wipe onto the screen was something magical, and heartening. Even if shots of Olden Polynice warming up followed.

It wasn't easy to be a Kings fan in the '90s, for me at least, but technology has changed all of that.

I estimate that in the past three years, of the 200+ Kings game I've watched on television, I have watched a dozen in real-time. The others I watched the following morning on my DVR, cutting through commercials, timeouts, most free throws and the great time suck that is halftime. At my most determined I can cut through a game in 58 minutes and still watch every possession at standard speed. In blow-out situations, I can cut that down to about 50 minutes using the single arrow fast-forward on my DVR, depending on the length of garbage time and how many times I notice a play getting multiple replays. (This happened more when Sergio Rodriguez was on the team.)

Some games suck me into the drama, and I put down the remote and let my mind wonder through timeouts as if I were in the arena. Other times, I need to plucky tones of Jerry Reynolds lifting my spirits, and so I listen to his segments and crank up the volume a little. But Tom Zook? You're out of here. Lady Gaga soundtracked Palms ad? Gone. Jim Eyen halftime interviews? OK ... I'm a sucker for the halftime coaches' interviews, and honestly, Andrew Nicholson and Jason Wise's dope halftime segments sometimes pull me in, too.

But by and large, when I'm with the Kings, I'm with my DVR. I couldn't be the Kings fan I am without it.

What about you? What technology enhances your Kings experience?