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Kings Links: Pooh Jeter's Jets, Tyreke Evans-DeMarcus Cousins As a Duo

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Sacramento Bee - Ailene Voisin: Kings rookie guard Pooh Jeter is small - but very fast
The Kings seem to have high hopes for Pooh. I like that his favorite player is Bobby Jackson. We'll see how he does against a good Phoenix backcourt Tuesday.

Marty Mac's World - Lessons learned part of process for young Kings
Paul Westphal talks about the challenges and opportunities of having a young team.

The Purple Panjandrum - Training Camp Update: Day 5
James Ham drops some notes from the Saturday night scrimmage.

Kings Blog and Q&A - Notes from Saturday's practice
Jason Jones does the same.

More on Cousins, Reke and Hassan after the jump.

Sacramento Bee - Kings Notes: Cousins learns rookies don't get the calls
Jones talks about the potential issues with DMC's referee complaints heading into the season.

Full Court Press - Tyreke, DeMarcus Evolving as Duo
Andrew Nicholson talks to Tyreke about DMC, and DMC about Tyreke. Let's hope it's the star duo we hope it will be.

The Purple Panjandrum - Shooting the breeze with Hassan Whiteside - Despite Leonsis, NBA owners may soften stance on hard cap
A few days back, Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis said the NBA should adopt an NHL-style hard salary cap. While owners earlier came out in favor of the hard-line approach, sources tell Ken Berger that position may be changing.

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