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Kings 109, Suns 95: Box Score Breakdown

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Be sure to check out Aykis' ace recap, live from the press section.


The Kings shot 39-70 (.557, A+) on two-pointers, 6-17 (.353, C) on three-pointers and 13-18 (.722, D) on free throws. Thanks to that magnificent percentage on twos, the Kings had an effective field goal percentage of .551 and a True Shooting percentage of .574. That's excellent shooting.

The Suns shot 34-58 (.586, A+) on two-pointers, 2-16 (.125, F-) on three-pointers and 21-30 (.700, D-) on free throws. The team's effective field goal percentage shook out to .500 (average), and the True Shooting percentage was .544 (roughly average, or a bit worse). That's not necessarily a boon for the Kings shooting defense, though it should be noted that most of the errant threes came from rotation Suns, not scrubs. (Opening night rotation players accounted for 13 of Phoenix's 16 three-point attempts.)

Rebounding, turnovers and foul-drawing after the jump.


The Kings did really well on the offensive glass, grabbing 13 of 40 opportunities (32.5%). Sacramento was also quite solid on the defensive boards, grabbing 34 of 43 opportunities (79.1%).

DeMarcus Cousins, of course, stood out, with 16 (5 offense, 11 defense) rebounds in 30 minutes. His estimated offensive rebounding percentage was a Brockman-like 20%. His estimated defensive rebounding percentage was a Dwight Howard-like 41%. Simply insane totals.

Jason Thompson had a lovely night on the glass, too, with 10 in all (five on each end). Shock's offensive rebounding percentage was 22%, and his defensive rebounding percentage was a solid 20.6%.


The Kings had a few too many turnovers. It was a 97-possession game, so you'd want the turnover count to be below 13. Sacramento had 15 turnovers (six of those Suns steals), for a turnover rate of 15.4%. Cousins had five of those, and Carl Landry added three. That'll be something to watch with DMC, given that he had turnover problems at Summer League as well.

The Suns had way too many turnovers, but obviously weren't taking this scrimmage too seriously. Twenty-three turnovers (11 Kings steals) in 97 possessions for Phoenix. Goran Dragic had six off just one assist.


Only one Kings -- guess who? Tyreke Evans -- drew fouls with any consistency, with eight free throw attempts. Top Hat added four, and no other King went to the line for more than a pair.

The Suns had a host of players earn four free throws. Cousins and Thompson each committed five fouls, something else to keep an eye on going forward.

No technical fouls! I'm shocked.


Box Score Champion of the Day: DeMarcus Cousins

Boogie shot better than 60% and owned the glass. It's been six years since the Kings have had someone do that without it being a complete shock. Remember how refreshing JT was his rookie season, when he exploded onto the scene doing stuff like this? That was a touch flukey.

Does anyone remotely think DMC's performance was flukey? At all?