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Clippers 120, Kings 88: Box Score Breakdown

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Be sure to check out Aykis' from-the-arena recap.

Not as many positives to find in a box score when a team loses by 32, it turns out.


The Kings shot 31-68 (.456, awful) on two-pointers, 0-7 (uh, .000) on threes and 26-43 (.605, goodness gracious) on free throws. Needless to say, this was a fairly poor shooting night for the Kings. Only two Kings who I'd expect to be in the rotation from the start of the regular season shot 50 percent or better from the floor (Tyreke Evans at 4-6 and Francisco Garcia at 3-6). DeMarcus Cousins shot just 5-14 on two-pointers (.357) and 5-9 from the line (.555, below expectations). Here's the breakdown of DMC's field goal attempts, thanks to a quick check of the play-by-play and ESPN's shot chart.

0-5 ft. 2-7
6-10 ft. 2-3
11-15 ft. 0-1
16+ ft. 1-3

I won't go into that level of detail on Carl Landry's 6-13 shooting night, but Top Hat did shoot 3-7 in the lane (he was blocked on successive attempts in the paint by Rasual Butler and Brian Cook) and 3-6 from that favored mid-range zone on the left side. Tyreke Evans shot 3-4 in the lane, 1-1 from the mid-range and 0-1 from behind the arc. (Also drew two shooting fouls, an and-1 and a two-shot.)

The Clippers shot 36-62 (.580, quite good) on two-pointers, 5-14 (.357, average) on threes and 33-47 (.702) from the line. L.A. had solid shooting across the board, but none better than Blake Griffin, who went 7-7. Six of those shots were in the lane; the other was from nine feet.


The Kings did not win the rebounding battle this time around.

The Clippers managed 14 offensive rebounds in 38 opportunities, a sterling 36.8% offensive rebound rate. Griffin had five of those in 23 minutes (an unreal 27% O-Reb rate) and Al-Farouq Aminu added six in 27 minutes (28% O-Reb rate). Omri Casspi led the Kings in defensive rebounds with five; Cousins and Jason Thompson had just three between them in a combined 42 minutes. C. Landry had three in 30 minutes of work.

The Kings did take in 13 offensive rebounds of their own in 44 opportunities, a solid 29.5% offensive rebound rate. Thompson did most of the work there, with four in 21 minutes (approximate O-Reb rate of 20.7%).


Fourteen turnovers in a 95-possession game for the Kings -- a few too many. Cousins had three (one offensive foul, two travels) and Thompson two, again with both playing 21 minutes apiece; the rest were spread fairly evenly and non-alarmingly.

The Clippers had 13, which isn't terribly encouraging for the Kings defense considering Chris Kaman (22 minutes) and Jarron Collins (11 minutes) had three each. Just 11 fast-break points for the Kings.


I have no clue how these teams ended up with 90 free throws between them. Sounds awful.

Cousins getting some whistles in his favor -- even if those whistles have Tourette's or something -- is encouraging.


Still no technicals for the Kings.