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And So It Begins: Anonymous DeMarcus Cousins Hit Piece No. 1

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Chad Ford,

Sources close to the Kings tell me that [DeMarcus] Cousins has earned his reputation for being difficult. Several players on the team have complained privately about his attitude and he's already butted heads with assistant coaches in practice.

My question: what is a "source close to the Kings"? It's not a coach or an executive with the team, because then Ford would cite a "team source." So it's most likely an agent, friend or trainer of a player, or a friend of someone with the team (whether that someone is a coach or exec. And with all that, you have to consider the source: what do they have to gain by spreading crap about Cousins this early in his career? How reliable will their information be if they aren't with the team?

Also consider how easy it is to get away with crap info about DeMarcus Cousins' attitude at this point. I mean, it's impossible to disprove and most readers outside of Sacramento won't think twice about the charge. It's the easiest rumor to post. Consider that when you consider this.