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Mike Lamb, Grant Napear's Radio Partner, No Longer at KHTK

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KHTK 1140 AM, the radio home of the Kings, has parted ways with host Mike Lamb, who shared drive-time duties with Kings TV play-by-play announcer Grant Napear on the station's Sportsline 1140 show.

Was I a fan of Lamb's style? No. Was I a fan of Lamb's "soft" treatment of Napear's most vainglorious dissertations on sports? No. Was I a fan of Lamb's persistent need to turn every statement into a question? Obviously not. But I never wish a loss of a job on anyone, not even Napear. So this is bad news. That it comes from cost-cutting at the only local station actually devoted to local sports is a real bummer. That the same station recently paid big money to a midday host (Don Geronimo) who, while incredibly talented, doesn't give two damns about local sports is unfortunate.

It looks like Napear will be without a co-host, and that the wonderful Jason Ross will fill in when Grant's on the road. Ross isn't a classic talk radio jockey, but he knows his stuff and is a fair dude, which is a lot more than Napear can say.