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Kings Lose to Wolves 98-89

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The Kings dropped their third straight game at home, this one by far the worst. Minnesota came in and rode Michael Beasley (42 points) to victory, knocking Sacramento down a few pegs en route to a 98-89 win. Tyreke Evans fouled out early in the fourth quarter and finished with five points and nine assists. Carl Landry scored four points in 20 minutes. DeMarcus Cousins played a season-low 14 minutes off the bench, producing seven points and six boards. No one could slow Beasley, not Omri Casspi, not Jason Thompson, not Donte Greene (who saw four minutes of first-quarter action).

That was an ugly loss, and the Kings need to realize that if they don't play hard on every possession, they could be the worst team in the league.

More later.