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Kings Sinking: Is It That Bad?

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The Kings have lost five straight games to teams with a combined 24-26 record. That's pretty bad, especially considering the last four losses have been to teams with a combined 16-24 record, and considering that the three most winnable games were at home.

This is a really bad five-game losing streak. Is this a low point for the franchise within the past few years?

Probably not. I mean, a 17-win season is tough to beat, and the Kings are still technically on pace to win 27 games this year (ignoring that the easiest part of the schedule is underway, with three of the softest home games including two losses). But this losing streak is certainly more dumbfounding than any 2009-10 five-game (or more) losing streak.

The Kings had five losing streaks of at least five games last season. Only one such streak had more than three non-playoff opponents involved: a March-April eight-game skid that encompassed a five-game Eastern road trip.

In that awful 2008-09, the Kings had seven losing streaks of at least five games. The worst in terms of opponent quality was an eight-game skid in January that featured the then-mediocre Bucks twice, the then-"worst team in basketball" Wizards in Sacramento and the mediocre Raptors and Bulls. At the end of that streak (spelled by that epic overtime Super Bowl Sunday win over the then-terrible Thunder at ARCO), the Kings sat at 10-38. That was a pretty low point, and I'd argue that considering two wins could get the current Kings back on track, we're not at Hope Level: Zero in terms of what's relative.

That's sad, frankly, that we have to dip into the dark days of 2009 for comparison to how bad the Kings are right now. But it says something about hope and expectations that we feel as bleak about this squad as we have at almost any point in the very bleak recent history of the club. We were supposed to be better than this, and we are hurt and frustrated as fans that we are not any better than blech. We still have a pulse as fans, I guess.