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Preview: Kings at Clippers, The Turkey Bowl

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The Kings finally get back on TNT and it's:

1) Thanksgiving night,

2) when the Kings have fallen to a 4-9 record,

3) opposite the CLIPPERS!, who are

4) 2-13.

Thus, this game shall be dubbed the Turkey Bowl. Because ... seriously? You might want to hit "undo," TNT.


The Kings roll with Luther Head, Tyreke Evans, Donte Greene, Carl Landry and Samuel Dalembert. Everyone else should be available off the bench.

The Clippers' most recent starting five consisted of Eric Bledsoe, Eric Gordon, Al-Farouq Aminu, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. That starting five has an average age of 21. GUH. Chris Kaman and Baron Davis are out for this game; Randy Foye is deemed questionable.


Check out HighTops' scouting report. Mine follows.

Obviously, as a team with a 2-13 record, the Clippers have some problems. Basically, they are not good. They don't shoot well, defend well, or do anything but rebound and draw fouls particularly decently. It's a tough slog for a really, really, really, really young team.

Gordon and Griffin are stone-cold killers. The best way to defend Griffin is to foul him. The Kings have no qualms about fouling opposing big men, so the key will be in doing it before he cocks back for the dunk. Gordon has struggled with his outside jumper this season, so (assuming Head guards him) you'd like to see him dared to fire away a bit, just to test his accuracy.

On the other end: do what you wanna do. What a wonderful opportunity for the Kings' offense to get back in good spirits. Jordan can block shots, but that doesn't mean Evans shouldn't challenge him. Ditto for Landry against Griffin -- I have no question Blake will put up some points, but Landry can match those.

Vinny Del Negro coaches the Clippers. Thirty-five ... thirty-five ...


Head vs. Gordon. Head has had huge defensive games three contests in a row. The Kings need a fourth to pick up another win.


DeMarcus Cousins has been on a nice little run of that, and no one on the Clippers' roster should be able to handle him deep in the paint. The struggle is in DMC getting deep into the paint. He tends to set up at least 10 feet from the rim, leaving either lots of room to make up or a jump shot in his immediate future.


Eat food, fall asleep
Wake up for Kings and Clippers
Halftime? Back asleep


7:30 PM on TNT and KHTK 1140 AM. Game threads at 7:30 and 9.