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Presenting the Great StR Book Giveaway Game of 2010

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What: a chance to win some awesome books (including FreeDarko Presents ... The Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History and the re-issue of Walt Frazier's Rockin' Steady).

How: dominate the Sactown Royalty Pick 'Em Game on the StR Facebook page.


Today we roll out the Great Sactown Royalty Book Giveaway Game of 2010. From now through the end of the year, for each Kings game we'll present the Oddshark line as a Wall post on the StR Facebook page. In that thread on the Facebook page, you guess whether the Kings will beat the spread or not and post your answer. If you're right, you get a point. If you're wrong, you get zero points and a look of scorn.

Whoever has the most points following the Dec. 29 game against Memphis will be determined the winner, and will receive the book package. In case of a tie, a coin will be flipped. Sixteen total points are possible, should someone get every game correct. (In this case, I will also be offering that person a condo in Vegas in exchange for 50 percent of their winnings.)

Check the Sactown Royalty Facebook page on game day at noon Pacific -- the line for that day's game (via SBNation partner Odds Shark) will be there, waiting for your guess. To participate, you just have to "like" Sactown Royalty's Facebook page and guess away.

I launched this on Thanksgiving to give a small advantage to you sick, obsessed folks who are spending Thanksgiving reading Sactown Royalty. You are rewarded for your insanity. The Facebook post for today is now live. Make your choice over there.