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Paul Westphal Approaching Dick Motta's Dark Mark

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Paul Westphal has now coached 97 regular season games for the Kings his record is 29-68, a winning percentage of .299. As he approaches his 100th game in charge of Sacramento, he also approaches a mark he won't want to set: worst record for any Sacramento-era Kings coach with at least 100 games under his belt.

The unfortunate soul who currently holds the dishonor is Dick Motta, the championship-winning coach who went just 48-113 (.298). If Westphal loses his next three games, he will fall behind Motta's mark at .290. Should the Kings win one of the games, Westphal would stay just ahead of Motta.

He would, however, be behind every other Sacramento-era Kings coach.

Reggie Theus was 44-62 (.415). Garry St. Jean went 159-236 (.402).  Jerry Reynolds went 56-114 (.329). Phil Johnson went  50-77 (.394), not including his stint with the Kansas City Kings. Eddie Jordan just missed the 100-game cut-off, going 33-64 (.340) in 1+ season. Eric Musselman lasted 82 games, going 33-49 (.402). (We should note Scott Brooks got two of those wins for Muss.)

Kenny Natt and Bill Russell fight over the absolute worst record in Sacramento history. Natt went 58 games and came out with an 11-47 record (.189). Russell went 58 games and came out with a 17-41 record (.293). That's right -- if the Kings lose their next two games, Westphal will have a worse record as Kings coach than even Bill Russell.

Rick Adelman, by the way, remains the only coach in Sacramento Kings history with a winning overall record or even a single winning season. Adelman went 395-229, a .633 winning percentage.

(Disclaimer: I point out epic failure, but I still don't think Westphal should be fired. Just noting history.)