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Keep Laker Fans Out of ARCO Arena

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Tonight see the L.A. Lakers' first of two visits to ARCO Arena this season. Traditionally, since the end of the Kings' run of success earlier this century, Lakers fans have invaded the arena, making up about a quarter to a third of the crowd for these showdowns. In the past, we have suggested rules for the visiting fans, those based on some deplorable behavior during a rare December 2008 win by the Kings.

There's something Kings fans can actually do to keep Lakers fans away tonight, though: buy tickets.

The Kings say that, as of last night, there were about 2,000 tickets remaining and for sale. Kings fans can buy those, or Lakers fans can buy those. People chanting "MVP" for Tyreke Evans can buy them, or people chanting "MVP" for Kobe Bryant can buy them. I just puked in my mouth. If you're a Kings fan, do you want to puke in your mouth tonight?

If you have tickets already or can't attend but live in the area, mention to your co-workers that the Kings are the best they have been since 2006 (true), that they haven't lost at home (true), that every game this season has come down to the last minute (true), that fans have a chance to be on ESPN (true), that first place in the Pacific Division is at stake (true), that tickets are pretty cheap (true) and that there's no greater show of civic pride than cheering on Evans, DeMarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi.

Get tickets here. I'm not a shill; I just dislike Lakers fans yelling "Brad Miller sucks!" during the national anthem.