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Special Prices for Lakers Game for Sactown Royalty Readers

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If you don't have tickets but can go tonight, check this out. The Kings just emailed to set up this offer for Sactown Royalty readers:

In an effort to pack ARCO tonight with Kings fans to drown out the Lakers gold, the next 150 Sactown Royalty readers to come to the ARCO Arena Box Office will have access to specially-held tickets for under $50 each. The catch is you MUST be wearing at least FIVE two separate pieces of Kings gear to prove that you are a die-hard fan and won’t be here pulling for the Lakers tonight. There will only be 300 tickets held for this, and locations and availability are limited. You must be present in your gear to earn the tickets. Limit two per person.

Get it done!

UPDATE: The Kings just emailed -- if you want in on the offer, two pieces of Kings gear is enough if you head over to box office. Put on a hat and a jersey or t-shirt or sweats.