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Postgame Thread: Kings at Lakers

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Well, they're the defending champs for a reason. The Kings are still having a lot of problems guarding the pick and roll and the three point line (11-21 from three for LA, that's ridiculous), and had problems themselves with hitting their own threes (Luther Head's shot just looked awful) and free throws (Landry was especially puzzling).

Also, for the record, I don't like DeMarcus taking 4 threes a game ever, I don't care if one was to beat the shot clock. Get in the post and get to work, where you were getting to the basket or getting fouled.

Still I think we can take some good from this game. To get dominated from three and the line like we did, and to only lose by 12 to perhaps the best team in basketball is pretty good. We beat this team on the boards which is really good, and we only turned it over 8 times (something we've done a really good job so far this season). We also missed a LOT of shots that we normally make, with quite a few unlucky rolls. I'd give us a B- for this game, and unfortunately we needed our A game against this team and we didn't bring it all night. Disappointing, but learn from it, and get better for next time.