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The Every-Game, High-Def Era

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Note: This is a sponsored post. The Taliban has my poodle, and I need to commission a troupe of cyborgs to get her back.

Last week, I talked about how much DVR has changed the way I watch sports. But let's not forget about high-definition TV. While it hasn't revolutionized my sports viewership the way DVR has, many many fans can't watch games in standard def.

And given that through local cable packages or League Pass you can watch every game your favorite team plays, with nearly all of those in high-def, there could be a disincentive to attending games. Watching Kings-Lakers on your 55" in high-def isn't the same as attending the game live (even if you have the Sactown Royalty game thread open) -- but it's a nice facsimile.


Have you attended less basketball games since every game became available on TV, or because the picture is so good now?