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Checking In on Tyreke Evans' New Jumper

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It's early, with Tyreke Evans having played just five games this season. But so much of what the Kings do this season depends on Evans' ability to draw defends out of the paint so that he, Carl Landry and DeMarcus Cousins can attack the rim. As such, we ought to keep track of how Reke's new jumper is treating him.

As usual with shot location data, all numbers are from

Within 10 feet of the rim, Evans is currently 31 of 57, or .543. Last season, he was 402 of 737, or .545. So Evans is on track there.

On mid- to long-twos, Evans is currently 9 of 24, or .375. Last season, he was 95 of 287, or .331. So we have some improvement there.

On threes, he's 4 of 10. Last year, he was 36 of 141 (.255). We'll see if the improvement holds, though it's worth noting that he certainly hasn't increased his long-ball frequency -- probably a good thing given his skill off the dribble and around the rim.