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Which Dunderhead King Doesn't Know the Playbook?

Sherlock Ziller's office, 11 AM. Ziller stumbles in unshaven, disheveled and smelling of a mix of cinnamon and spoiled baby formula. The sports page of the Sacramento Bee is splayed on his desk. A headline -- "Kings lose focus, fall to Pacers" -- is highlighted with a blue marker.

ZILLER: Blue? Interesting choice, mystery assignment editor.

Ziller begins to read the story, a recap of the Kings' 107-98 loss to Indiana the evening prior. He makes it to the sixth paragraph.

ZILLER (reading aloud): "You don't know the play, you shouldn't be in the game," says Carl Landry. Hmph. Is he implying there is a Kings player who doesn't know the plays?


Ziller reads on. Luther Head is quoted, and Ziller always pays particularly attention Head's quotes. Head is a skilled covert orator.

ZILLER: "Coach can draw up whatever he wants, but it's up to us to go out (and) carry out those assignments. Sometime we're forgetting plays." Hmm ... it seems Luther is also implying a King doesn't know the plays Coach calls out.

Ziller considers this, and moves on.

ZILLER: "It's not like football where you have a huge book of plays," says Samuel Dalembert. Right you are, Sam! "We've got to know our plays, we've got to execute our plays, we have to trust our plays." Then Jason Thompson: "Maybe it's not that they just forget it – maybe they don't want to know it and they just want to do their own thing." Hmm, could it be that a Kings player does not know, executve or trust the team's plays properly? But who? Who could it be?

End scene.


Does anyone know? Seriously? Because all these accusations without a name ... it's like Eagle, Colorado, man.