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Tyreke Evans' MRI Results: No Stress Fracture, Just Plantar Fasciitis

Tyreke Evans underwent a precautionary MRI on his left foot, according to the Kings, and the results found no evidence of a stress fracture, just the previously diagnosed plantar fasciitis.

Evans has struggled this season, with the foot injury the most glaring and possibly convenient (for worried fans, not the player himself) excuse. Plantar fasciitis is certainly painful and aggravating, especially for a hard-charging player like Evans. But there's said to be little risk of further injury when one plays through it. A stress fracture would have a different story completely.

Evans' field goal percentage has fallen below 40 percent this season, down from 45 percent during his Rookie of the Year 2009-10 season. Despite playing just a minute per game less this year, Evans' per-game averages have all fallen a bit; this season, Tyreke is averaging 17 points, 4.7 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game.

The Kings next play Saturday against the Miami Heat. Coach Paul Westphal has said he will only rest Evans if the player or medical staff indicate that it is needed.