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Rockets 118, Kings 105: Sacramento Offense Can't Keep Up

The Kings fell 118-105 in Houston, and yes, it was that sort of up-tempo, score-score-score game. Only, the Kings couldn't keep up past the first quarter.

The Rockets didn't really tighten the screws on defense in the second or third quarter -- the Kings just got incredibly sloppy and the ball movement dissolved. Sacramento had 18 turnovers in the game. Thirteen of those came in the second and third quarters.

The Kings shot 52 percent on the game, and they have to win games when they are that far over their heads in such a vital category. That involves preventing the opponent from shooting 50 percent itself, and it involves forcing more than 11 turnovers in a 96-possession game, and it involves allowing fewer than 14 offensive rebounds in 45 opportunities. Of course, the Kings did none of those things.

If there is in fact silver lining, it is in that DeMarcus Cousins, Jason Thompson and Carl Landry beasted on offense. This was how the frontcourt was supposed to look every night, with Cousins running the pivot (17 points), Thompson crashing the lane and glass (15 points) and Landry playing a lovely little inside-out game (17 points). Much of the season has not lived up to those expectations; the lack of Tyreke Evans here and, well, much of the season has further damaged the chances at success.

Another game tonight against a better team. Can the Kings find some gold in their pocket?