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Kings vs. Hornets: Sacramento Blows 23-Point Lead, Loses 94-91

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Good news: Tyreke Evans started, had a wonderful first half, and the Sacramento Kings started strong and rung up a 23-point lead over the New Orleans Hornets a few minutes into the third quarter. Huzzah!

Bad news: a 23-point lead was not enough.

In the final 20 minutes of the game, the Hornets outscored the Kings 49-23 and beat Sacramento by three. The Kings had 10 turnovers in those final 20 minutes of play, including four by DeMarcus Cousins. Those four by the rookie included three traveling calls in the fourth quarter.

Good news: DeMarcus Cousins was in the game in the fourth quarter, and had played well enough to demand the ball on offense.

Bad news: those turnovers arguably cost the Kings the game. The Hornets' comeback wasn't swift and fatal. It was a slow burn; New Orleans didn't take a lead until there were three minutes left, despite pulling to within three points all the way back with 9+ minutes remaining. The Kings held off the Hornets for a long, long time. Until those turnovers did them in.

Cousins ended up with 13 points on 6-9 shooting to go with five turnovers, seven rebounds and two assists. Evans was stymied by a smothering New Orleans defense throughout the second half, and finished with 22 points on 9-18 shooting. He also had seven assists and four turnovers.

Carl Landry was again solid off the bench, scoring 13 points and grabbing six rebounds in 21 minutes. The Kings next play in Oklahoma City on Friday.