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Kings 93, Rockets 102: Kings Allergic to Winning

The common refrain for this season has been the fact that the Kings have been able to put together stretches of good to great basketball, but then have one quarter where they simply fail to do anything.  Such was the case today, as the Kings went away from what was working all game in the 4th, and ended up scoring 12 points to Houston's 23, in a game decided by 9.  The Kings also did a terrible job boxing out, allowing the Rockets to outrebound them by 9, a team that features Chuck Hayes and Brad Miller as their centers.

Through the first 3 quarters of the game the Kings had been feeding DeMarcus Cousins in the post, and most of the time, it led to something good, with the big guy getting whatever he wanted down low, or finding his open teammates.  He wasn't bad on defense either, with 4 blocks and only 2 fouls on the game.  But by the time the Kings put Cousins back into the game midway through the quarter, all momentum was lost.  It didn't help either that the Kings failed to give him the touches he needed and settled for several bad shots.

Speaking of poor decisions and bad shots, we have to look at Tyreke Evans.  Houston did a good job collapsing on him whenever he drove and daring him to shoot jumpers.  Unfortunately for the Kings, he took that dare to Houston's delight, and ended up only scoring 14 points on 6-20 shooting.  Kevin Martin actually spent a decent chunk of the game guarding him, and Tyreke still didn't take it to the basket.  Also, his decisions down the stretch as far as passing were atrocious, as he several times changed his mind mid pass and turned it over.  I will give Tyreke this though, he was extremely active on defense.

This young Kings team has its work cut out for it.  Right now, we as fans are suffering through the growing pains.  It's tough and it sucks, but seeing a guy like DeMarcus play like he did tonight, and knowing that Tyreke can and has played much better than this, makes me not feel so bad about the future.