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Kings 109, Warriors 117: Kings Inventing Ways to Lose Previously Unknown to Mankind

What an awful, terrible, miserable game.  Well perhaps not the whole game.  Mostly just the finish, or lack thereof.  The Kings had literally EVERYTHING going for them into this game and continuing through it: The Warriors were missing two key starters, the Kings were playing at home after a few days rest while the Warriors were on the 2nd night of a back-to-back, the Kings had a 16 point lead with 9 minutes remaining, the Kings had Lawler's Law going for them, even ed_m7 guaranteed a win.  But by God, the Kings found a way to lose where no way seemed possible.

So many things did us in.  Poor execution for one, and terrible transition defense as well.  The Kings fell into a huge slump late in the 4th where they simply could not get anything going for them.  Both Tyreke and DeMarcus especially were inefficient messes who more often than not bungled up the play or turned it over.  Francisco Garcia missed quite a few open shots, and made so many of his patented bonehead plays tonight (like shooting a three with 18 seconds on the shot clock up 4 with 24 seconds left in the game when his shot had been off all night).  Yet even with all that, the Kings STILL had a chance to win the game, up six points with 30 seconds left.

You all know what happened next.  We fouled players shooting three pointers TWICE, got bailed out for the most part by Wright and Williams (both around 80% from the line) only hitting a combined 3-6 in those two trips, but we failed to secure the rebound, and then opted to guard the basket instead of the perimeter, allowing Vladimir Radmanovic a catch and shoot opportunity from three, the only shot that could hurt us, and it went in to send the game to overtime, and the rest is history.

There were a couple bright spots nonetheless and I have to give them their due; Both Carl Landry and Beno Udrih did there best to try to win us this game, even if nobody else would help them.  Both were incredibly efficient and reliable, and it was a shame we didn't go to them more often.  

I do not blame Coach Westphal at all for this loss.   This is 1,923,235,023% on the players on the court.  DeMarcus, you should not be making "Choke" signs when the game isn't over yet.  That kind of B.S. comes to bite you in the ass, and it did tonight.  

One final thing, thanks to everyone who showed up for Sactown Royalty Night III, you made this night a slightly more bearable pill to swallow.  That's two StR Nights in a row that have been sent to overtime and eventual loss by crazy threes at the buzzer.  Hopefully next time the result will be different.  Right now, I'm going to go to bed and try not to think about this game ever again, because a level of fail has not been discovered yet for the amount of fail this game was.