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Ban Hammer Alert Status - High, With A Chance Of Severe


I'll make this short and sweet. The warnings and bans may take a severe turn upward if our membership cannot rein in the madness. Simply:

  • Hate the play, but not the player. There is going to be a heightened response to personal attacks. Keep your comments focused on the topic and conversation at hand. This includes attacks on nameless or faceless individuals - In other words, leave the "in spite of what others would tell you" bull-plop at the door, as it is a flame war just waiting to happen. If you have a point to make, make it, but do so without discrediting others. Let the conversation take its natural course. This does not mean that you cannot respond directly to a thread post. To be clear, you may disagree with someone, vehomently so if you are impassioned. But leave the personal rancor out of it. You are disagreeing with the viewpoint, not the individual.
  • Leave the site moderation to the site moderators. Do not take StR law into your own hands. Use the flag feature if a comment is offensive to you, and drop me an email if something is really bothering you. Flag someone that you think might be a troll, but do not call them a troll. Leave it to the site moderators. If someone is spamming, flag it and leave it for the site moderators.
  • Be passionate, be learned, be funny, be firm yet flexible in your opinions, but be nice. You're all afflicted with the same disease - you're all Kings fans.
  • Abide by the above or take it elsewhere. We've always said that StR may not be for everyone. There are those that might be happier with the looser environment that can be found at other sites. No hard feelings if you feel that the above rules are too restrictive for you.

Thank you.