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Spreading Some Holiday Cheer

Life is not fun for Kings fans right now.  We're 5-22, and nothing seems to be going our way right now.  We fans have been bickering with each other more and more as this season has drawn on.  I know I myself have been keeping a keen eye on the NCAA already in anticipation of another high lottery pick.

But that is not what this post is for.  This is a post for people who still see the glass half-full.  This is a post for those two drunk heroes on the side.  Like them, I still believe.

Maloof Family:  Thank you for keeping this team in Sacramento, and as of yet being unwavering of your stance on staying here.  That means a lot to me.

Geoff Petrie:  I don't envy your job.  Sacramento is not a marquee Free Agent destination.  You really almost literally have to build this team through drafting and trades, and it can't be easy.  Yet you've done a remarkable job in the draft the last couple years: You snagged the Rookie of the Year when the conventional wisdom was to pick the Spaniard who still hasn't played in the league, and you also grabbed a potential impact player in Casspi later on in the draft.  This year, you took a risk on DeMarcus Cousins, and even though he's been struggling with his maturity issues, he's shown me enough talent to not regret the pick.  You've also managed to clean up most of our bad contracts, and leave us as the most prepared team in the league for the upcoming CBA.

Paul Westphal:  Another man whose job I wouldn't want.  You've been given the almost impossible task of basically coaching an NCAA team in the NBA.  I can't imagine the toll it has taken on you, watching your team stop running the things they've been running all game long, so I applaud you for trying.  I don't always agree with some of your decisions, but I also don't know how I would handle them in your place.

Jerry Reynolds:  I feel like I've let you down Jerry, but there just haven't been any "Brock Ness Monster" epiphanies this year.  Thank God I'm not the GM though, or I'd probably draft players on how cool of a nickname I could give them.

Tyreke Evans: Don't get too down on yourself Reke.  We know what you are capable of.  You continue to fight through pain, both physically and emotionally, in a very tough season.  Coach Westphal is right.  You are truly a warrior (the good kind, not the Golden State kind).

DeMarcus Cousins:  Of perhaps all the players on the team, I feel that you have made the biggest jump on the court from the beginning of the season till now.  You're learning from your mistakes and it shows.  I love your passion, and hopefully in the future we'll be seeing it during good times.  Everyone is knocking you right now, so go out there and prove them wrong.  Haters Gonna Hate!

Carl Landry:  What a roller-coaster ride these last couple seasons have been for you, going from the Rockets to the rebuilding Kings. You've been a consummate professional the entire time too, so thank you.  Much like a lot of the other players on the team, we know that you are capable of producing more than you have been.  It's just a slump thats all.  Every player has them, and the only way to break through it is to just keep playing and playing to your strengths.

Samuel Dalembert:  You are a really funny guy Sammy D, and I wasn't expecting that.  I also love the work you put on the defensive end and on the glass, and your passing is better than I thought it would be too.  You are a class act and a great humanitarian as well.

Beno Udrih:  You have been our most consistent player through this year and the last.  Your stop-and-pop is the deadliest in the league and you do a good job running the team as well.  I feel bad that your hard play hasn't been rewarded with wins.

Donté Greene:  Your hustle and effort is truly appreciated.  You've fought through inconsistent rotations and playing time and have been ready to play each and every night.

Omri Casspi:  You're another player whose passion I love and has dealt with a lot of inconsistency this season.  You are probably one of the best players we have at moving off the ball and running the fast break, and I also like your continued improvement on the defensive end.  Keep up the good work.

Pooh Jeter:  You've been a breath of fresh air whenever you come into the game.  Your speed and effort are contagious, and you truly act like a leader out there on the floor.  I don't know if anyone on the team talks out there more than you do.  You are a rookie in name only.

Jason Thompson:  You never ever give up, on either end of the floor.  Every team in the league needs a big man like you, and we're lucky to have you.  Keep proving the doubters wrong, and get that hand healed quick, we need you on the court.

Francisco Garcia:  You've been with the team the longest now, and you haven't complained once, through all the losses and injuries suffered.  

Darnell Jackson:  I'll be honest, when we traded for you, I didn't expect you to make the team.  That was my bad.  Now I actually look forward to seeing you on the court.  You're one of the best defenders on the team, and always hustle.  I was wrong about you and I'm glad I was.

Luther Head:  Your defense this year has surprised me.  When the Kings brought you on, I figured it would be for your shooting prowess, but you've earned your court time through your defense.  Those two games in a row where you helped hold Deron Williams and Chris Paul to poor performances in back-to-back games was great.

Jermaine Taylor:  We haven't seen you play much, but its nice to have new blood injected to the system, someone who is excited to be here.  Hopefully you get your big chance here to possibly break out.

Hassan Whiteside:  You're handling your time in the D-League well and hopefully it won't be long before we see you swatting the likes of Kevin Garnett in the big leagues.

You Guys:  This season would be a lot tougher to handle without all of you to commiserate with.  It'll just make it all the more sweeter when we finally get this ship turned around again, because the people who are sticking through this are the true fans.

No negativity allowed in the comments below.  Don't have anything nice to say? Plenty of other posts to voice your frustrations.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody.