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Tyreke Evans Buzzer Beater Power Rankings

When Tyreke Evans threw a dagger from deep in the forest of men on Wednesday night, a whole world of mystique was birthed. These power rankings constitute Sactown Royalty's expedition deep into the world created by The Shot.

1. Tyreke Evans, duh.

2. Donte Greene. Click to enlarge.


3. Grizzlies TV bro.


4. Mama Evans.


5. As seen above, Tyreke seeking out Francisco Garcia for a hug as PR folks try to corral Evans. Garcia and Bonita "Mama" Evans have been integral in helping Tyreke through his recent tough stretch, as beautifully laid out by the incredible Sam Amick.

6. A dialog.

Tyreke: I'm going to the scorers' table! Who's coming with me?

Donte: Me!

Pooh Jeter: Ooh, me too!

Jason Jones: I'm already here, partner!

Fat Lever: We're not worthy! We're not worthy!


7. Grant Napear's call. That was wonderful. I can't wait to hear Gary Gerould's radio call.

8. Zach Randolph remembers to get back on defense. At the six-second mark, Randolph throws his fists in the air to celebrate O.J. Mayo's apparent game-winner. He quickly realizes (thanks to Lionel Hollins screaming in his ear, probably) to get back on defense. He does, and thinks about possibly contesting the shot. He does not. Game over.

9. The miracle of YouTube. We can watch this over and over and over and over ...