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To 2011!

It has been a rather terrible 2010 for the Sacramento Kings, and for Kings fandom. The Kings have an awful record and a long climb to respectability -- forget about contention or success. Some pieces are in place, and the canvas is pretty darned clean going forward. The current collection of talent's best days are ahead.

Will some of those days come in 2011? Can Sacramento leverage the really widespread excitement from Tyreke Evans' extraordinary shot into different flavors of momentum? Seriously, the city is buzzing about the Kings unlike any other point in 2010. I've heard more randoms talks about Reke's Shot than I did about his R.O.Y., or the No. 5 pick, or the player that pick became, or Reke's speeding ticket, or anything. That shot is just the sort of transcendent event that gets everyone's attention.

Can the Kings leverage that? You build on it with a modicum of success, and this town gets back on board. I'm not talking about sell-outs next week, or an arena solution by February. I'm talking about the thawing of the embarrassment the on-court product has bestowed its fans. You can't truly succeed when all the buzz has a negative tilt.

As such, I'm not talking about a grand winning streak. Just some success -- some close games, a win here and there, continued growth for Reke and DeMarcus Cousins. Hope. That's all. Give this city that, and this city will latch back on. There's love for the Kings in Sacramento. People just forget.

Let's hope Reke's Shot was a wake-up call. Bring on 2011.