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Preview: Kings vs. Wizards


For the Kings, it's Tyreke Evans, Beno Udrih, Donte Greene, Jason Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins. Everyone should be available, assuming Samuel Dalembert is back from Philadelphia, where he attended Phil Jasner's memorial.

The Wizards start John Wall and Gilbert Arenas in the backcourt, Al Thornton at small forward, and Yi Jianlian (if Andray Blatche is unavailable) and JaValE McGeE up front. Nick Young, Kirk Hinrich, Trevor Booker and The Hilton Armstrong come off the bench.


A team almost as bad as the Kings? Surely you jest!

The Wizards are indeed pretty bad, 28th in Basketball-Reference's schedule-adjusted point differential, ahead of just the Cavs and Kings. Washington is now 0-11 on the road. Its road point differential is -15.5 per game. That's huge! The Kings' current total differential is -7.7 per game, and -5.5 at home.

The Wizards do two of the eight factors well: offensive rebounding (9th), and turnover creation (11th). The Kings commit more turnovers than average and aren't particularly good on the defensive glass, so expect that the big a factor in the game. Likewise, the Wizards aren't great on the defensive boards, and the Kings are righteous on their offensive glass, so J.T. and Cousins should/could have big rebounding nights.

Sometimes, some of the Wizards can shoot straight. Usually not. Sometimes, some of the Kings can shoot straight. Usually not.


The radio and TV bumpers say Evans vs. Wall; I doubt Wall will guard Evans much if at all, and when Francisco Garcia enters the game at shooting guard, he'll likely take over Wall duty. To me, Cousins vs. McGee shapes up to be mucho impactful. Either one or both could have a great game, or they could both suck. There's a real battle to be won or lost up front.


DeMarcus Cousins. McGee's good, but Cousins has shown he can score on most defenders if he uses the right moves and the right level of patience.


Today's Giveaway Game entry is posted. And the Kings are favorites! Visit the Sactown Royalty Facebook page to make your call.


7 PM tip. KHTK 1140 AM on the radio, Comcast SportsNet on TV for all but you sufferin' Dish subscribers. Game threads at 7 and 8:30. Let's go Kings.