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Mario Elie, Kings Release Statements on DUI Arrest

Mario Elie and Sacramento Kings president Geoff Petrie have released statements on the assistant coach's Thursday morning DUI arrest.

Mario Elie:

"I was pulled over last night on my way home for having a broken taillight. I had been out and had a couple of drinks. My blood alcohol level was slightly over the legal limit. I’m very sorry, embarrassed and disappointed for the position in which I put myself and team. Rest assured, it won’t happen again as I take full responsibility for my actions."

Geoff Petrie, on behalf of the franchise:

"We are very concerned and disappointed in regard to Mario’s arrest for DUI. This is an ugly form of history repeating itself. We expect better, knowing at the same time there are limits to how far you can go to protect people from themselves. In spite of all of this, we still respect Mario’s right to due process."

For the record, for most people, slightly over the legal limit is drunk. A man of Elie's size needs 4-5 drinks over an hour to hit the legal limit in California (0.08 percent), according to BAC charts.