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Preview: Kings at Nuggets


The Kings have won three games since Christmas. Two of those games came against the Nuggets. Go figure. Tonight's a chance for a road rebound: the Kings haven't won on the road since the miraculous comeback in Chicago, a nine-game slump.

Denver has been on a tear, though -- 9-1 since the most recent loss to the Kings, with wins over the Magic, Jazz, Hornets, Bobcats, Rockets and Spurs. This game figures to be a tougher out, if only because Denver knows to take the Kings seriously (even if we as fans are starting to do so less).

Carmelo Anthony is still day-to-day. He didn't play Sunday in San Antonio.

The Nuggets have the league's No. 2 offense and No. 14 defense. Denver's not particularly impressive on the boards, but shooting beautifully and causing turnovers. The Kings don't defend shots well or take care of the ball. So ... yeah.

No word on Tyreke Evans's availability as of this writing.


Spencer Hawes vs. Nene. Hawes started well against Charlotte, but burned out quickly as Nazr Mohammed took over and Gerald Wallace got a free pass through the lane. Nene causes problems for most, but especially Hawes. As with the overall match-up, I don't have high hopes here.


Chauncey Billups will hit more threes than [insert Kings point guard here].


6 PM tip. Two Game Threads (6 and 7:15) and a post-gamer (8:45).