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Open Game Thread: All-Star Game

Enjoy the (Kings-less) show.

(Aykis Note -- By my quick glance over the All-Star Predictions you guys made, chenp22 has almost successfully run the gauntlet, going 7-1 with his only miss being Shannon Brown.  Goes to show you shouldn't ever root for the Lakers at anything.  In 2nd place is MustangMBS who has gone 6-2, who also missed on Brown for the Dunk contest and Gallo for the 3 point shootout.  Since the only 3 people who have gotten 5 right (sacoakfan1, Dastardly D, AnotherStupidSN) all voted for the East and LeBron to win (as did MustangMBS), chenp22 automatically wins the contest and a shirt from the Sactown Royalty shop that I now have to pay to send to Australia! Yay!.  Congratulations to chenp22 (send me an e-mail so we can get the prize taken care of) and to Runner-up MustangMBS, who I will probably invite to come with me to a game later this year as a consolation prize.  Thanks to all of you for playing.)