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Kings Salary Cap Situation After Kevin Martin Trade

(I'm not really prepared to discuss the trade in qualitative terms just yet. I mean, I have an opinion. A quite strong opinion. But I want to let it marinate before I go get myself arrested for something which could be considered a hate crime in California.)

If Tracy McGrady does not move on to New York or elsewhere, this is what the Kings' salary cap situation will look like over the next few seasons. (Assist to ShamSports.)

Player 10-11 11-12 12-13 13-14
Landry $3M
Dorsey $0.9M $1M
Nocioni $6.8M $6.6M
Udrih $6.5M $6.9M $7.4M
Evans $3.9M $4.2M $5.3M
Hawes $3M
Thompson $2.2M $3M
Casspi $1.3M $1.3M $2.3M
Greene $0.9M $1.7M
Garcia $5.5M $5.8M $6.1M
TOTAL $34M $30.5M $21.1M


If the rumored trade with New York is a part of this, bringing Jordan Hill and Jared Jeffries (with a pick), you can add about $9.7 million to the 2010-11 payroll, taking the team to a payroll of $43.7M (well out of max player range). Hill would add $2.9M to the 2011-12 payroll, and $3.6M to the 2012-13 payroll.

(Note: I made an edit -- removing Nocioni's 2012-13 salary -- after publishing this. Grasul correctly pointed out that season is a team option, one which Geoff Petrie would be insane to pick up. [I'll leave further jokes to you.])