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Trade Deadline 3 Hours to Go Thread

3 Hours to go in the Trade Deadline so I'll be updating any news here. 

The Kings, Rockets, and Knicks have completed a trade.  Kevin Martin, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries, Hilton Armstrong a swap of picks in 2011 (top 1 protected) between Houston and New York, and New York's 2012 first rounder (top 5 protected) go to Houston, Tracy McGrady and Sergio Rodriguez go to New York, Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey and Larry Hughes Expiring Contract.

Final details and link on ESPN here.

Old and newer updates after the jump

UPDATE (9:30 AM):

Well that came and went fast. Lee apparently has to approve trades, and nobody from the Kings has contacted his reps and there isn't enough time before the deadline to do so apparently.  Also, Ford is saying he wouldn't approve.

Per Woj Twitter - "As much as Kings would love David Lee, there isn't enough time to get him to agree to trade, source says. No contact made with his reps."

Also, according to Woj, there will be "fireworks" if Kings don't trade T-Mac.  His agent represents Tyreke Evans and a few other Kings.

UPDATE (9:52 AM):

Per Woj's Twitter: "For the Kings to take Jared Jeffries, they're also asking for David Lee and picks in N.Y., source says. Guess how that's going over at MSG?" 

So its probably unlikely, but we'll see what happens.

UPDATE (9:59 AM): TZ jumping in for a second to let you know that Arn Tellem is being pretty silly right now. Just a bizarre demand.

UPDATE (10:16 AM):

WojYahooNBA  The Kings have traded Tracy McGrady to the Knicks, sources tell Y! Sports.  (-Ex G)

UPDATE (10:19 AM):

Well this is awesome.  Kings receive Landry, Dorsey, and Hughes expiring.  Knicks get T-Mac and Sergio.  Rockets get Martin, Jeffries, swap of 2011 picks with NY, and NY's 2012 pick.  We get to keep K-9!!!!!

UPDATE (10:32 AM):

Final deal per Sam Amick's Twitter: "McGrady to NY a done deal. Kings get Larry Hughes, Carl Landy and Dorsey. Sergio Rodriguez to NY. Jordan Hill and Jeffries to Houston."

UPDATE (10:56 AM):

Kevin Martin will be on the Jim Kozimor Show to say goodbye to Sacramento.  Tune in at noon on KHTK 1140 AM if you want to listen.

UPDATE (11:13 AM):

Hilton Armstrong to be sent to Houston to make deal work monetarily.