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Meet Joey Dorsey

Joey Dorsey is one of three new Kings today. (Larry Hughes doesn't count. Larry Hughes never counts.) I asked Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm, NBA FanHouse and Pro Basketball Talk -- a D-League maven -- to share a few words about Dorsey. Enjoy. -- TZ


Oh, hey, look, an underdeveloped, raw big man with lots of muscle and questionable coordination! JUST WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR.

Dorsey's time in the D-League was really quite good for him. RGV [Rio Grande Valley, Dorsey's D-League team] is not like your usual D-League team where they warm themselves through fires in their hotel rooms, cuddling late at night and occasionally eating the latest local "free agent" that joins. The Rockets have a dedicated staff in RGV to monitor progress and mold the players to what they want. Half of the Rockets have spent time in RGV, and Dorsey got a ton out of it. You know, like any of your last ten draft picks besides Evans could have used. He lost a lot of baby fat and gained a lot of muscle in the right places. Rebounding is what they focused him on, and he was beastly. There are four types of guys in the D-League: guys who are there for the coaches to pick on, guys signed because of local appeal to sell tickets, guys who are long-term projects but have some talent, and guys who are obviously and profoundly better than the talent around them, but need to focus on what the NBA team in question wants from them. Dorsey is the latter. He just threw guys around this year. He's got an obsessive approach to the rebounding, like he blames the ball for sticking him in McAllen, Texas.

Think of him as a Blair-like entity with a lower basketball IQ and that has actual knees. Both of them. He came into the league as one of those long, athletic bigs that Calipari turns out, and now he's more like a Brahma.

Maybe the best thing about him is that he's been broken of all the instincts most Memphis guys come with: that is, the myth that they are legit scorers. He's been torn down by the Rockets system into believing he should simply kill the ball, get putbacks, then do the same again. He's also got a mean streak when provoked. He got thrown out of a Summer League game. Personally, I look forward to the day when his teammates walk in to find him gnawing on Spencer's spinal cord. "Oh, hey guys! What? We do this all the time in RGV. What? WHAT?!"