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Meet Dominic McGuire

As we did for Joey Dorsey, we sought out expert opinion on new King Dominic McGuire, acquired along with cash from Washington with a future second round pick heading back. Mike Prada is the founding editor of Bullets Forever and also writes for Here are his thoughts on McGuire.

Dominic McGuire represents the cult hero of Bullets Forever. We dubbed him "Taser" for his ability to come out of nowhere to block shots (in Summer League, alas). Now, he is gone, a flash in the pan.

In all seriousness, Wizards fans loved McGuire more for what he represented than what he was. You see, the Wizards haven't exactly been stocked with defensive players these last few years. Worse, our best perimeter defender since 2004 was Larry Hughes. Therefore, Dominic McGuire, with his defensive mindset, represented a great white hope (of sorts) for us. Here was our perimeter defender for the next ten years! Our Bruce Bowen, if you will.

Problem is, McGuire's not Bruce Bowen, and I don't just mean on defense. Three years in, and his jump shot is still terrible. I can tell you he works hard on it, but his form is just off and his rotation is ugly. It's a flat, line-drive shot. You can always fix a jumper, but this one's going to be impossible to fix. McGuire also is a pretty poor ball-handler and has absolutely no finishing ability. His only value offensively is grabbing offensive boards. On defense, he's quick and agile, but still struggles at times off the ball. In other words, he's very good on defense, but not good enough to justify his complete inability to help a team offensively.

Coming into the season, I figured Flip Saunders might find a place for him. This is a guy that started Trenton Hassell over Wally Sczcerbiak, after all. But it hasn't happened, and he's picked up a ton of DNP-CDs. The cost is cheap for the Kings, but I wouldn't expect much.