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Where Kevin Martin Fits in the Sacramento Kings Record Books

I figured longevity would help get Kevin Martin to the top of the list on some key Sacramento-era Kings statistics. Even though he was traded 18 months into his 5-year extension, he still made it pretty high.

* Martin ranks 7th in total points with 5,660, behind Mitch Richmond (12,070), Peja Stojakovic (9,498), Chris Webber (8,843), Mike Bibby (8,384), Wayman Tisdale (6,808) and Lionel Simmons (5,833).

* He ranks 12th in minutes played with 10,123. Only 13 players have played 10,000 minutes with the Sacramento Kings.

* He ranks 2nd in free throw attempts (2,107) and free throws made (1,791). He's behind Richmond in both categories (3,088 and 2,617).

* He ranks 13th in points per game, with 17.1.

* He ranks 4th in True Shooting percentage, with .599. (I used a 50-game minimum for this.)

* He ranks 3rd in PER (18.4), behind Chris Webber (22.3) and Antoine Carr (18.5).

* He ranks 4th in threes made (459) and threes attempted (1,190).


There will not be a similar post for Kenny Thomas.