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Amick on Dan Fegan/Geoff Petrie Relationship

This is all sort of water under the bridge, but it's still illustrative, I think. In his deadline story, Sam Amick of The Bee apparently got into how Kevin Martin's hiring of Dan Fegan as an agent didn't sit well with Geoff Petrie. A section was edited out of the story, though. So Sam posted about it on the Bee's blog. It didn't last long -- there was a line critical of Bee editors who pulled the section from the story; I'm guessing that's why the blog has been disappeared.

Thanks to HoopsHype, though, we have a paragraph of the missing post.

In the P.R. world, they call this "controlling the story." I've never done that much, considering I'm typically the one writing the stories. But this is necessary, fair, and important. Dan Fegan represented Ricky Rubio. That incredibly relevant fact wasn't deemed so by the folks who edited today's piece on Kevin Martin. It really matters, though, because Fegan - who represents Martin - was quoted saying he thinks the drafting of Tyreke Evans led to Martin's departure. What was also left out was this reality: Martin's hiring of Fegan didn't sit well with Petrie, as the agent is among the most influential in the game and known for putting serious pressure on teams if his guy doesn't want to be in the current locale.

That's all that HoopsHype posted, and there's no apparent cached version of the pulled post. I haven't gotten a response from Sam yet. Bill Bradley, sports editor of The Bee, quickly responded to a query to say "it's a subject that I am not prepared to talk about right now."

UPDATE: Sam has posted on the Fegan thing and explained why the old post was pulled.