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New Jersey, Where Fun Goes to Die

What an unbelievable offensive performance from our protagonists. The Nets have the league's No. 26 defense. The Kings shot .389 eFG against that defense. The Kings gave up 14 percent of their possessions as turnovers against that defense. The Kings rebounded only 26 percent of their offensive opportunities against that defense. The Kings earned only 22 free throw attempts in 88 possessions against that defense.

A stunning offensive performance: just 89 points per 100 possessions, against the 26th defense in the league, a team with 7-63 record coming in. Stunning.

Consider this

* an extra five or so votes for Tyreke Evans for Rookie of the Year,

* a stirring argument that shot creation is a skill,

* a reminder of how far the Kings have yet to go,

* and an arraignment on charges of felony mediocrity for our frontcourt.

Congratulations, though, to the Nets. Devin Harris, Courtney Lee and Brook Lopez had glints in their eyes entering the second half. Against about 25 other teams, they still would have lost. About 25 other teams would have found a way to score more than 38 points in the second half. About 25 other teams would have found a way to get the ball out of Bropez's hands a bit more.


Selling out the final home game of the season just became a bit more difficult.


A win at Boston or Cleveland erases this.