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Introducing the Reke-o-Meter

Thanks to Kfan in Korea and section214, we can figure just how many points, rebounds and assists Tyreke Evans needs over the rest of the season to reach the hallowed averages of 20/5/5 (which has only been accomplished by three other NBA rookies -- Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson and LeBron James). There's a widget over on the left sidebar which will be updated after each game with the raw stats Evans needs to get by season's end to reach the marks. (This all assumes he doesn't miss any games on the backside; if he does, numbers will be adjusted accordingly.)

We'll also do a main-bar post every once in a while. Like, right now.


This dances out to 19.2/5.2/4.0 over the rest of the season. The team has 21 games left.

(Seems like a good place to mention that in February Reke averaged an absurd 20/5.8/7. LeBron is the only player in the league averaging 20/5/7 on the season.)