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Preview: Rockets at Kings


T.R. Dunn. Missed you.


Houston has won four of six in April, but lost Sunday night in Phoenix. Kevin Martin was sick, shot poorly and played limited minutes (22 minutes, 2/12 shooting). Luis Scola took 21 FGAs and 12 FTAs. This is what happens when people stop being nice, and start getting real.

Houston needs one more win to clinch a fourth consecutive winning season.

Aaron Brooks, Scola and Chuck Hayes have played in and started every game this season. Brooks has taken more threes (517) than all but four other Rockets have taken field goals. The Memphis Grizzlies have made 341 threes this season. Brooks has made 205. Brooks leads the league in attempts and makes from long-range, by no small margin. Teammate Trevor Ariza is actually 12th in attempts, though. This team loves the three-ball! </hubie>


Kevin Martin vs. Tyreke Evans. Briefly considered "Grant Napear vs. Tact and Decency," but we know that's a lopsided matchup. Evans will be gunning for his 24 points to clinch 20-5-5 status -- even though he honestly seems oblivious to the hype; good on him -- and Martin will try to be something like the first King to ever have a good game in his return to Sacramento. There should be lots of crossmatching with Ariza here, but a few possessions of Evans vs. Martin isn't too much to ask for.


Elston Turner, it's like you never left.


"Jordan Hill, you taste like chicken," the Brock Ness Monster clucked.


Kobe Bryant fears the Mancakes (who wouldn't?), and will sit out the season finale against Sacramento.


7 PM PT. I expect and will partake in much sobbing during introductions. Chuck Hayes is my bro, bros.

Game threads at 7 and 8:15, post-gamer at 9:45.