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Preview: Kings at Lakers


Please do not think that because tonight will find the Kings in their final match of the 2009-10 season we will slow down. We will not. Check back early Wednesday as we roll out some awards posts. Next week, we start diving into free agency and the draft. We will root against the Lakers. We will beg Chris Bosh to visit. We will debate Kyle Lowry vs. Raymond Felton, Amir Johnson vs. Ian Mahinmi. We will debate Ekpe Udoh vs. Ed Davis, John Wall vs. Evan Turner. We will cover the draft lottery, draft and free agency like no other Kings community in existence. In August, section214 will drop a combo of history and humor in the way only he can. Did I mention we will root against the Lakers?

Don't abandon us over the summer, because we shall not abandon you.


The Lakers shall not care to win, really -- it doesn't matter, and Kobe Bryant won't play (SCARED MUCH KOBE HUH HUH HUH?), so getting "in the flow" is shot. But the big men not named Andrew Bynum shall play, and those buggers always give Sacramento trouble, and Laker Killer Spencer Hawes is out.

Sasha Vujacic was the first guard off the bench Sunday; he'll apparently start. Obviously, unless Ron Artest guards Tyreke Evans the entire game, our R.O.Y. will have some openings for a boisterous scoring night. If Ron-Ron does stick to Reke, look for Andres Nocioni to take 32 FGAs. By halftime.

Pau Gasol is not remotely handsome, I don't know why you guys keep implying as much.


Kevin Durant vs. Ron Artest.


Pau Gasol will take zero threes.


Jon Brockman will become the third Kings big man to take a three-pointer this week, following mixed results from Jason Thompson and Carl Landry. (By the way, I forgot to address this in the recap, but did y'all here Landry is working on his three-point stroke? If he comes back to Sacramento next fall as a small forward, I'm going to light myself on fire sideways and extinguish the conflagration on a bed of hot coals in Mercury's orbit.)


7:30 PM PT. Two game threads (7:30, 8:45) and a post-gamer (10:15). THIS IS FOR ALL THE MARBLES!, in the case that the marbles are invisible and weightless.