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Jerryism of the Year: Brock Ness Monster

Jerry Reynolds is a friend of the site, and before the season we helped him come up with some nicknames for the new Kings. Aykis16 offered up Brock Ness Monster in honor of rookie Jon Brockman, and it not only became the clear-cut choice for Jerryism of the Year, but also the basis of a massive marketing campaign for the franchise. Because of all this, Aykis16 has earned a portion of J.R.'s royalities on the nickname. Unfortunately, 20% of zero is zero.

It really was a banner year for Jerryisms. Ty-riffic. Omri Bomb-ri. Plenty of Beno Drain-os and a few too few Hawesomes. Thanks Heavens for Tyreke Evans. Cass-tastic. (OK, so they all weren't Peabody worthy.)

And 1: StR Game Thread favorite for me? Don-tré.