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Game of the Year: The Comeback

It was the greatest (statistical) comeback of the millennium, a 35-point second half deficit wiped away, on the road no less. The Kings, coming off Tyreke Evans's game-winner in Milwaukee, stunk up the joint for 2-1/2 quarters in Chicago before Evans, Jon Brockman and Ime Udoka went nuts on both ends. The Bulls were shocked into conceding to an ongoing prophecy, unable to slow or stop the inevitable. Chicago couldn't do anything right as the game slipped away, and Sacramento did everything it could to help that process.

Though we all brought unique perspectives to the season as it developed, we all believed in this team a little more after The Comeback. Things didn't go as well late in the season, but this match showed us the mettle of a few of our key players, and we won't soon forget it.

Special dap to edm7 for calling the comeback during the game. As the great Jason Thompson would say, "R U KIDDIN ME?"