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Nightclub Shoot-out Breaks Out Just After Thompson, Greene Leave

Want to burst into panic? Read this headline from the Sacramento Bee: "2 wounded by shots fired outside Sacramento club; Kings players unhurt." Gulp, double gulp, 72 oz. Super Gulp.

Luckily, when the headline writer typed in "Kings players unhurt" he/she meant "Kings players not at location." It turns out Jason Thompson and Donte Greene were at Image VIP Lounge Friday night, but were escorted out of a rear exit once a brawl between 20 clubgoers broke out. Later, as the fight spilled onto J Street, two men were shot. No one died, thankfully, but no one has been arrested, regrettably. Neither Thompson or Greene were involved in the fight.

Image is, I believe, a popular hang-out for the Kings. Well, was. That's the great thing about Sacramento: we lack the vibrant nightlife of the big city, but still have the late night crime whereever folks congregate! It's like the worst of both worlds.